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 24/7 Mobile Tire Service 


On Call Tire provides 24/7 mobile tire service throughout the Greater Central Arkansas region.  We are able to assist all vehicle types and sizes, including semi trucks and trailers. 

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Tire Services


We provide a wide variety of tire services including both replacement and repair as well as tire rotation.  We can provide you with a brand new tire from our large stock.  We also have a number of used tires available for purchase.  Not sure you need a replacement?  Bring your vehicle in, and we'll take a look to see if your tire can be repaired on site. 

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Alignment Services


Stay on the straight and narrow.  Protect your tires, steering, and suspension with proper wheel alignment. Visit today, and our expert technicians will go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

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Front-End Repair


If your car feels unstable or out of control, you should have a front-end diagnostic test performed. Our qualified technicians will perform a full visual inspection to identify any front-end vehicle issues. Your technician will verify what worn or damaged components are causing your drivability problems and give you a service plan to fit your needs.

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Battery Services


We provide fast and affordable battery testing so that you know, for sure, what the problem is before purchasing.  We provide same-day battery replacement services once determining the battery needs to be replaced.  

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Oil Change

On Call Tire provides oil change services with our skilled technicians who want to get you back on the road in a timely manner.  Busy schedule? No problem! We take walk-ins and appointments Monday through Saturday for all your vehicle needs.

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Brake Services


Are your brakes squealing or grinding? Let us help ensure the safety of you and your passengers with a brake inspection and service. We provide maintenance for your entire brake system.  Stop by or make an appointment for all your brake pads, brake fluid, and rotor needs. 

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Shocks + Struts


Avoid the bumps and bruises from a wild ride. Shock absorbers and struts perform a number of important functions. Not only do they protect you and your passengers from an uncomfortably bumpy ride, but shocks and struts also keep your tires in contact with the road.  Keep your vehicle in good shape and prevent long-term damage with a quick and easy diagnostic from one of our experienced technicians.